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Celebrating for a Cause: Spotlight Gala Fundraising Event

Nonprofit Event Planning with Park Nicollet Foundation


Every year, the Park Nicollet Foundation hosts a fundraiser to raise money for different health and lifesaving programs. For four years Mason Creative helped plan this nonprofit’s fundraising event by developing each year’s theme, activities, and everything in between. 


We developed the name of the event as the “Spotlight Gala,” because our goal was to create a spectacular, successful fundraising event that kept the focus on the cause. So, even when guests are being dazzled by entertainers and interactive games, we still keep the spotlight on the cause they’re supporting. 


For this particular year, we hosted more than 1,000 people to raise funds for the National Diabetes Center. We kicked off the event with a magical performance of the song “Diamonds” performed by Kat Perkins, a finalist on NBC’s The Voice. 


There was also a lively reception featuring a hilarious puppet that interacted with guests at the Trivia Challenge booth (all about Diabetes) and a custom Stock the Bar game. An enormous silent auction followed. Later, guests hit the floor to dance the night away to the R Factor band. 


The result? The 2017 Spotlight Gala fundraising event exceeded its fundraising goal, and guests couldn’t be happier!


The Client's Response

"By hiring Mason Creative, the overall quality of the experience we provided to our guests was greatly increased. Over the course of the first year that we worked with Mason Creative, our Gala raised $120,000 more than the previous year!

“What I really appreciate about Char is that she helped us rebrand our Gala to stand out in the market. There's a lot of healthcare Galas in the area. She helped us take a step back and not just do what we always did in the past. Mason Creative led us through a strategic, creative brainstorming about our goals for the event, where we wanted it to go, and how we’d be different from the other Galas."

- Micaela Olson-Macgregor, former Foundation Coordinator - Annual Campaign/Special Events at Park Nicollet

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