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Introducing a cost-effective & innovative new event consulting service from Mason Creative


Tools, strategies and personal guidance to help big dreamers with limited resources awesome-ize their events.

Our 1-hour Event-Spark Power Session
gives you the basics. You’ll learn the best way to achieve your specific goals.

Event-Spark Gold includes the Power Session, Discovery Work, Strategic Planning, Creative Planning, Continuing Support and resources throughout the engagement.

Event-Spark Platinum includes everything in our Gold package as well as Brainstorm Sessions, Competitive Event Analysis, and additional personal support.

A La Carte
Look over our complete list of event services.
Buy just the services you need.

Our award-winning creative expertise is woven into our Gold and Platinum plans. Your event will be immersive and memorable, with an out-of-the box theme enhancing every aspect, from building anticipation, to guest experience, to follow-up communications. Don’t have that skill set? 

Don’t worry, you have Event-Spark.

Our guidance. Your team.

The perfect combination.

Choose the plan and services that
meet your needs.

Creative Power

Don’t let a limited budget limit your dreams.
Event-Spark provides proven, step-by-step guidance, so you and your staff can execute many of the coordination tasks efficiently and effectively. We’re more than consulting-only. Got a task you feel is super-challenging or time consuming? We’ve got you covered.

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